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2006 aug
lou-briou france
( cirq 2006 )
openair video sculpture
live performance including kitedive videos
- with live drumming by guy gosselin
2006 march
2006 scubadoo
waterKite on sale !
kite "scubadoo"
produced by drachenmanufaktur
- this kite performs well under water and over water.
waterArt gallery
gallery waterArt precollection  
2005 aug
expo chateau graaf
floating water+air installation
dekoMpresso video performance
2005 july
streamings workshop, europe 205, france
crossover works: air, water, sound+music, cookings.
2005 feb
madison festival
"kites on ice" festival
wisconsin usa

underwater kite videoworks with "aerial theatre" performance
in the wisconsin union theatre
2004 oct
antibes filmfestival
ANTIBES france - underwater picture festival
scubakite video by yorck, tomm & scubistas!
- festival mondial de l'image sous marine -
2004 sep
expo charneux
openair video installation
open-screens "pool-installation" including kitedive video mix crossover
2004 march
Red Sea
red sea kitedive egypt
2003 nov
Videokunst / performance von Ludwig Kuckartz - Maastricht "butterfly & whale"
mit "kitedive" unterwasser-video (hetzig/jekyl)
2003 sept
blue springs workshop
w/ Atl.Ctr. for the Arts
- windArt residency 2003 -
2003 march
Andaman Sea
album: water-workshop thailand -
2002 july
underwater performance
One Room, for Elements
2002 july
workshop river cure
2002 may
cervia performance
kitedive video performance by dekoMpresso
flexible screens-in-audience and live music mix by djy monq
- music courtesly by matt elliot, third eye foundation
2002 march
Koh Phangan
wokchop koh phangan kitediving thailand
1998 oct
uw.kite plenum


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2006 sept 30 - venice italia live performance -
underwater music by composer michel redolfi
- La Citta Liquida -


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