South-East Asia Kitetour 2001

First pre-release March 18 - 4th release Mar 22, 2001

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thai word for 'kite' is ~ wau

We arrived in Bangkok early in the morning, after a flight of some 17 hours and after not sleeping the night before that, and after not sleeping enough the two weeks that before. So, lucky to be there again. We lunched, and then we launched our kites on the Sanam-Luang place front of the king's palace. Sanam-Luang is the place where bangkok residents fly their traditional kites every day. So it was easy for our european kites (muschel, v-lite and airmania-yakko) to meet some "chula" and "pakpao". After that we had very good dinner somewhere beyond KSR followed by 2 hrs of thaii-massage, so that we were fit to hit the road with next morning's sunrise...

Meeting Thai-Kitemaker on Sanam-Luang


leaving Bangkok on the next day, heading for Cambodia.



Index Thailand Cambodia Vietnam



We came back to Bangkok some 2 or 3 weeks later. Sawasdee!
waitinf 36hrs for the flight, and filled it with discoveries of thai cooking, tuc-tuc-races and smalltalks.


pop-gan-mei, chok di.

kap-kum-kap for the fish!

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