kitefestival XIAMEN siming china
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china, a visitation.

CHINA - a visit to people and culture.
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first preview photos at "facebook"
(not supplied in china)

One Sky One World 2009 website
- kites as worldwide peaceaction, xiamen 2009
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"the kitefestival"

xiamen, guanYinShan beach


the delegations


sky over guanYinShan (open-keel-delta kites)


giant chinese dragonkite


project waterline.



chinese team kites from xiamen
great design !


sunday, second day. unfortunately two monsterkites (blaeh-drachen) killed the festival.


nevertheless, ongoing fun !


kites as peace-action: ONE SKY ONE WORLD !

more about ... ONE SKY web 2009



CHINA Kite Links

mm kite - Shenzhen Women's Stunt Kite Team - webpage . (photos xiamen 2009)


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    contemp.Art in china: Huang Rui Beijing .


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